Nicholas Aceves is an artist and graphic designer from the high desert of Southern California. For Aceves, art and design is a journey that moves both the creator and the viewer. He craft's his work around principles that form a set of challenges that can pushed him as a person as much as an artist. 
Take Action - Sept. 2020 - The Artlands and Parliament Chocolate
Neon Moon Arts - Sept. 2020
Emerging Artist Virtual Exhibition - May 2020 - Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art
Celestial Coordinates - Dec. 2019 - Hotel Casa 425
Transition - Jan. 2019 - The Meek House
For the People, For the Land - Sept. 2019 - Augies Coffee
Arts & Draft - June 2018 - Homage Brewing
Claustrophobia - March 2018 - The Orange Space
Surveyor - March 2018 - The Orange Space 
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