Nicholas Aceves is a multimedia artist residing in the High Desert of California. He got his start at Cal State San Bernardino where he focused on graphic design and worked at the university’s advertisement agency. Upon graduating, Nicholas started working at a local pottery company while also dedicating time to his craft. He finds his inspiration through his surroundings, especially those from the desert he currently lives in. Ever the explorer, Nicholas enjoys experimenting in a range of mediums whether it be painting, digital art, and or photography. 
When Nicholas is taking a break from creating you can find him searching for the perfect pizza crust or admiring portraits of pugs.
Take Action - Sept. 2020 - The Artlands and Parliament Chocolate
Neon Moon Arts - Sept. 2020
Emerging Artist Virtual Exhibition - May 2020 - Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art
Celestial Coordinates - Dec. 2019 - Hotel Casa 425
Transition - Jan. 2019 - The Meek House
For the People, For the Land - Sept. 2019 - Augies Coffee
Arts & Draft - June 2018 - Homage Brewing
Claustrophobia - March 2018 - The Orange Space
Surveyor - March 2018 - The Orange Space 
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